History of meMe Natural You

Growing up in a small village in Guyana South America with no immediate access to commercial hair products, our elders became very creative with the natural resources that were readily available to them from nature. Coming from a family with five daughters hair care was a necessity.

We use the leaves, fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds we found in nature to keep our hair beautiful, healthy and manageable. We migrated to the United States 25 years ago and settled in Kansas City. We then started Braidheaven; our natural hair care salon. Over the years we have serviced thousands of customers who have asked us for advice on Natural hair care products. Our customers inspired us to create MeMe Natural you!

When we decided to create meMe natural you , we went back to our roots and culture and retrieved some of the natural hair remedies that were used in our family. meMe Natural you is a journey of love, family and hair care.