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The 4 step system


I purchased the 4 step program and it’s amazing.

This will always be my good too products. Also the fresh scent is amazing. The detangler and moisturizer is very friendly for my protective hairstyles. There is no buildup with this product.



I am a skeptic by nature so when I got sick and hadnt had my hair combed in weeks,I didnt think that this product could actually detangle my hair AT ALL. Imagine my surprise when I had to go back to the doctor...HAD NOT washed my hair but needed something to help me comb through the mess....My husband sprayed this detangler on my DRY hair and within minutes IT WAS LITERALLY SMOOTH AND SHINING! This is no joke and no exaggeration. I can ASSURE you that if you use this product you will not be sorry. Its just THAT amazing. I cant wait to wash my hair with the other products and do it the right way because if it worked on my hair in a hurry I'm sure it will be amazing with the full line used and in the correct way lol. Wonderful job! WELL DONE!

This Detangler is mazing!!!!!!


I wear a sew-in, and I generally leave it in too long. Well, this last time I was busy, and left it in for about 10 weeks. Usually that means tons of hair breakage when my stylist removes my weave, but this time I took my MeMe Premium Revitalizing Detangler to my appointment. It was amazing, just a few sprays on my locking hair and my straightened out. My stylist was able to comb through my hair instead of combing it out. This detangler is amazing! We invest a lot of money in our hair, and any product that helps us keep it, instead of cleaning it out of the sink drain is a winner. Do yourself a favor, and get this product before your next shampoo.

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Premium Hydrating Moisturizing Leave-In 01/10/2019 Conditioner Detangler This new product is

amazing. The detangler is the best I’ve ever used.


Some of our main ingredients are Tucuma fruit and Okra.


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